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A database of game cheat codes, level codes and easter eggs
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As far as gaming is concerned, there will always be cheat codes. Some crutches and tricks to avoid the difficulties of playing the game and enjoying the power and easiness of your playthrough. But in order to use them, first you need to know these cheats.
In the old days, there were no gigantic online databases and sites dedicated to this or that element of gaming. It is then when CheMax was born. A simple catalogue interface for a database of several thousand games. It was made in order to ease the burden of an average player and provide him, who did not have fast Internet or any Internet at all, with a tool that would always be at hand.
Over the years, the database grew, and the developers never stopped updating their creation. Now, CheMax has over 6 thousand entries in its database. It does not include solutions of regular hints, only codes and occasionally easter eggs. It's minimalistic, functional and as big as a program like this can be.
Of course, now we have the Internet, and databases like CheMax may seem obsolete. But they will never lose their purpose, as no site can gather and systematize so much information as a proper database.

James Lynch
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